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Our Learning Spaces

Infant Program

At Keestone Academy, our Infant Program provides a nurturing and safe environment for babies to explore and learn through sensory experiences, music, art, outdoor time, and  interactions with teachers.


Toddlers Program

Our toddlers Program is designed to encourage curiosity and build academic, physical, and social development through learning, manipulatives, play, art, music, and outdoor activities.

Preschool Program

Our Preschool Classes focus on helping children learn and grow academically, physically, and socially. Children learn through a blend of structured learning time, imaginative play,  hands-on activities, art, music, and gross and fine motor skill activities that foster cognitive, physical, and social skills.

Pre-K Program

Preparing your child for kindergarten and beyond is our goal at Keestone Academy. In our Pre K program, children will continue to develop literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, social, and gross/fine motor skills in a supportive and enriching environment.

Keestone also offers after school care for K - 5th grade.

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